Version 1.1
Run, shoot and dodge! Face your enemies while gathering all the plums you find!
- touch to shoot
- slide your finger to select the direction (up to 2 moves in advance)
- you are eliminated only when shot in the shoulder

Player attempts to maneuver between the aisles of a supermarket where player encounters other characters ready to distract and slow him down. The players are able to shoot. Elimination occurs when shot in the shoulder.
You then advance to the next level where the dimensions of the supermarket and the number of enemies increases. You are able to choose and use between the various personalities provided. Each possessing different characteristics.
This game, like many great films, was inspired by a song based upon a real life story. Link:
It recalls a race of trying to grab all the products on sale. Ambiented inside a supermarket, the object is to gather all the plums in special offer you find !
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  • Google play games and Game Center achievement



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